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At Yemc Law Offices we have extensive experience in all matters surrounding transportation and logistics law throughout the State of Ohio. We represent clients ranging from large multinational shippers to small carriers forming their businesses.

Experience Where It Counts

After 20 years practicing transportation law in Ohio, Yemc Law Offices has accrued valuable expertise and fostered many relationships within the transportation and logistics community. Our history with transportation law means you get the best legal and business advice from industry leaders.

General Business Guidance and Consultation

Attorney Michael Yemc provides trusted legal counsel to transportation companies, business owners, and trucking professionals. Our extensive background gives us the unique ability to guide and counsel our clients in a wide range of business related issues.

Whether it’s the organization of your business entity, your day-to-day operations or business succession planning, Yemc Law Offices will help you overcome your obstacles and ensure your success in the transportation industry.

Freight Charges and Cargo Claims Litigation

Yemc Law Offices has helped many of its clients through problems with cargo claims litigation. In the past, we helped our clients with issues surrounding loss, damage, and shortage of high value products, collection of freight charges, and Carmack Amendment issues.

Federal and State Regulatory Compliance

Safety and insurance issues are major concerns for many carriers. Yemc Law Offices helps its clients with all aspects of Federal and State Regulatory Compliance. We help our clients avoid safety issues, whether it’s an alleged PUCO safety violation or issues involved with the transportation of hazardous materials.

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