Tipped Over Glass Full of Alcohol With Keys and Handcuffs

A DUI/OVI is a serious charge and can come with serious penalties. Mandatory jail time, fines, loss of your driver’s license and employment consequences can all result from a DUI/OVI conviction. Yemc Law Offices not only helps clients understand the charge but we help them fight it in court.

What Penalties Can I Face?

For first time offenders the penalties include loss of license form anywhere between six months and three years. In Columbus, Ohio a first time DUI/OVI offence can also come with fines as large as $1075. For multiple offenders these penalties drastically increase and can result in loss of license for life.

How We Help

It is crucial that your DUI/OVI case is handled correctly. Yemc Law Offices looks at every aspect of your case for possible solutions to show your innocence. Sometimes field sobriety tests or blood tests are improperly administered. Sometimes paperwork is improperly completed. We look for all these things as possible ways to prove your innocence.

Even if the city’s case against you is air tight Columbus DUI attorney Michael Yemc can still help reduce the penalties associated with the charge. This may include a reduction in fines or increased driving privileges.

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Getting a DUI/OVI can seem like the end of the world. It’s not. Yemc Law Offices defends our clients against DUI/OVI charges and seeks the best possible outcome. For 20 years we have helped clients fight their DUI/OVI charge in Columbus, Ohio. Contact us today and we’ll give you a free case evaluation. Let us handle the courts so you can get back to your life.